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We are located in Ban Nong Kai village, Mae Taeng District, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. The area is surrounded by rice fields, vegetable and fruit farms, rivers, and waterfalls. Our location is also near many other tourist attractions such as the sacred Doi Suthep temple which was built centuries ago and the Doi Suthep-Pui National Park that has an area of more than 260 square kilometers with many wild animals roaming at night, also serving as the water source of the Mae Rim River.


“E” Education which we wish to advance both within the Thai community and worldwide. We do this by promoting the work we do and encouraging visitors to come to the projects we support and learn for themselves about the elephant.

“S” Support for organizations working to help create a sustainable future for the Thai elephant, accepting the importance of the Asian elephant in Thai culture, recognizing the vital need to improve the concept of animal welfare.

“A” Access shelters to help build the shelters and receive the medical care that they desperately need. We can save the elephant from the circus to the area that open access shelters. .

“F” Foundation, We can only achieve our objectives with your support. We want to support the delivery of care for old, neglected, abandoned and other elephants, offer health care and welfare protection, make grants for research and education

Where  Asian elephants Can be a good  life

Our Project

Stop elephant abuse

Stop elephant circus

Sponsor rescue elephant


  • We support money to Elephant Foundation in Lampang Province
  • We support money and equipment to Elephant Hospital in Krabi Province.
  • We conducted an elephant health-checkup activity.
  • We educate students in our district every year, such as on the National Children’s Day. Moreover, we have cooperated with television stations from Canada to film documentaries.

report cruelty to animals

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Adulwit khamyaphankarasin (Noi) was born 1971 in a small village of Udonthani, East of Thailand. During his childhood, he likes to help people and animal. He is committed to conserving Thai elephants including asian elephant because e respects for the elephant that is his country’s national symbol and the knowledge that they were becoming endangered. Today, Noi continues to follow his project, helping provide sustainable alternatives to the elephants.

He joined many elephant conservation projects and donated supplies and money to the elephant hospital nationwide Both Chang Hospital in the South and Lampang Elephant Conservation Center.

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