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ELEPHANT SANCTUARY ASIA FOUNDATION has been established to protect asian elephants especially in Thailand from humans’ abusion. We resist all forms of elephant torture; for example, forcing elephant to work hard or using violence in elephant training. Elephants under the care of the foundation used to be labor, so they are in poor health. The Foundation therefore wants to run an elephant clinic to nurse elephants in poor health or disabilities, and also treat other elephants in Chiang Mai.

Nowadays, there are seven elephants that are taken care of by our foundation. All of them were rescued by the subsequent purchase of a circus elephant  that was injured, and an elephant dragged on the border area. For instance, one of our elephants got an accident from circus performance, this caused her to get a leg broken. We therefore purchase her from the old owner and take care of her under the care of our foundation.

Before COVID-19 crisis, a veterinarian usually comes to check the elephants’ health and heal them every week. Due to the pandemic of COVID 19, the Foundation does not have enough money to pay the elephant doctor for coming to check and heal elephants as it was, therefore, we have to be reduced to only one time per 2-3 months. Expenditures for food and medicine are rising rapidly. Therefore, it is necessary to seek more support from general donors to treat elephants every month and take care of them regularly. Normally, the main income of our foundation is received from tourists who visit our park, Elephant Retirement Park located in the same area with the foundation. It is an entrance fee and activities with elephant fee such as feeding elephants, bathing the elephants, trekking in the jungle with elephants, etc. However, the clinic building project has to be halted after only 30% of construction since the pandemic caused no tourists.

Moreover, Our clinic also treats the elephants, which are in charge of the ELEPHANT SANCTUARY ASIA FOUNDATION such as Elephant sanctuary at Kanchanaburi, Elephant Retirement Park Chiang Mai and Elephant Wildlife Sanctuary Phuket. But now, we are unable to take care of all our elephants, because we don’t have enough budget to pay for the medical expenses, and the medicine cost also.

Project implementation steps

  1. Expand and complete the original structure of the clinic.
  2. Buy the medicines for elephants
  3. Allocate the budget, in case of invitation a veterinarian to the sanctuary for elephant treatment
  4. Allocate the budget for food and medicine for elephants, and donate the money to the elephant hospitals in Thailand.